Kioti tractor for garden maintenance: CS with mower model
Tractor for garden

Kioti tractors for garden maintenance

Enjoy your garden, and the work that comes with it

Having a large garden is great. All year round you have nature all around you and a nice space in which you can wind down and enjoy. Working in your garden can be very relaxing and rewarding.

But if you do everything by hand or with tools that are meant for small gardens, garden maintenance can suddenly become very time-consuming and draining. Make sure you do it right, with a Kioti compact tractor for gardens. This type of machinery will become your new best friend in the garden in no time. It makes all the different tasks easier and since it can be used for so many different tasks, it’s a great investment. Discover all the advantages of a compact garden tractor!

A Kioti tractor for garden maintenance in front of a big house

Why choose a Kioti compact tractor for gardens?

Easy to use

Using a Kioti compact garden tractor is very intuitive. The dashboard lights up for good visibility and the power steering front axle helps to make moving around even in tight areas easy.

Easy to maintain

Thanks to the smart design of Kioti tractors, for example, the single piece one touch bonnet, you always have easy access to the few parts that need regular maintenance.


Suspended seats, an ergonomically designed workstation and seatbelts for safety: with a Kioti small garden tractor you’re in for a smooth and comfortable ride every time.


Done with one task? Easily switch the attachment and move on to the next job. As long as you have the right implement, you can use your tractor for anything. The optional front loader with standard bucket is always a versatile tool to consider. We can even supply a set of pallet forks to fit this loader if required.

5 years (3000 hours) warranty on all compact tractors!

Work efficiently, so you have enough time left to enjoy your garden

Grass cutting, weed control, fertilizing the grounds, picking up twigs, leaves or other debris after storms, winter maintenance like shoveling snow and spreading rock salt… Maybe you have some woodland on your property that you use to get logs for fires.

That log splitter can be quite tough to move around and power without a Kioti tractor. These are just some of the many things that need to be done, as you well know as someone with a sizable garden. All of these tasks become a lot easier if you have a compact tractor. Garden maintenance will, with the help of a Kioti tractor, no longer be a chore, but actually become fun! And since the work goes a lot faster, you’ll have enough time left to enjoy your garden.

Some of the many great features of a Kioti tractor for garden maintenance

Find a tractor for your garden that suits your needs

Discover all our different series and find the best small garden tractor for your needs.

CS Series

Dynamic and compact
21-25 HP
Easy to operate, powerful and ready for a large variety of tasks.

CX Series

Versatile and powerful
24,5 HP

A tractor for all: all purposes, all seasons and all users.

CK Series

Flexible and comfortable
25–50 HP
Compact but powerful: the CK Series are the workhorse you’re looking for.

DK Series

Strong and reliable
45–60 HP
High-performance compact tractors with impressive power and smooth handling.

RX Series

Versatile and tough
73 HP
So many features that it’s up for anything.

HX Series

Powerful and dependable
103–125 HP
The tractor every large landowner or commercial farmer is looking for.

Need help finding the perfect tractor?

Thanks to our elaborate dealer network throughout the UK, there is always an experienced dealer close to you that can give you advice about the right choice for you.